Sneakers76 x adidas „The Bridge of the two Seas“ – Release Recap

Sneakers76 x adidas „The Bridge of the two Seas“ – Release Recap

Last weekend we traveled to the south of Italy, where one of Europe’s finest sneaker boutiques,Sneakers76, is located. In the beautiful city of Taranto – approximately 100 km south of Bari – Daniele Valente opened Sneakers76 about ten years ago. To celebrate his 10th anniversary he dreamed of something big. His vision and passion for good footwear helped him to establish a sneaker store in an area, where you probably would not expect it. Taranto is a small city, a little old fashioned with a pittoresque old town and harbour.


But in the end this wasn’t a real obstacle for Daniele and so he started a quiet succesful journey with his one „child“ Sneakers76. The first part of his 10th anniversary efforts is an awesome one for sure. We are talking about his first collaboration with a major sportswear brand. Together with adidas Originals he developed the idea for the EQT Guidance 93 „The Bridge of the two Seas“. The shoe marks only the beginning of a special series representing Taranto’s ancient history and the influence by greek myths and gods.


The colorway mirrors the design of Taranto’s „Ponte Girevole“, a massive swing bridge that connects the city centre with the old town. The different kinds of blue symbolize the color of the water in the open mediterranean sea and in the inner port respectively (therefore the „two seas“ reference). Take this elaborate concept with a premium execution on the materials and you come up with a really dope shoe.

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