Store-Guide: Goudron – Young and hungry

Store-Guide: Goudron – Young and hungry

GoudronIt’s really a little bit unfair. If you’re already big, you’ll probably grow even bigger over time. If, however, you’re a new name in the fashion and sneaker industry, the road to success gets a little more rough. You could use this insight on brands as wells as on stores or blogs. During our last trip to Marseille a friend told us about a new street fashion address. To be honest, we had never heard of the shop’s name before: Goudron.

The store is located on Rue Montgrand near Marseille’s Vieux Port and very close to the shopping district in the city centre. Even without a tip the big Bearbrick toy in the window would have drawn us in since it immediately caught our attention. We were pretty sure that this place might be worth checking out. And so it was.

Goudron-4We met Alex, the store’s mastermind, who has a creative and ambitious vision for his new baby. Goudron just opened its doors last February. Since then Alex and his crew add more and more styles and labels to the shop’s collection. By now they already feature (premium) streetwear brands like Drapeau Noir, Black Scale and – as one of the latest additions – Stüssy. For denim lovers Goudron offers styles by our personal favourite Edwin.

Goudron-3Of course it takes some time to get the best accounts. But Alex definitely seems to be on the right track with his nicely done store and passionate staff. We spotted one of the guys wearing some really dope Air Max 95 „The Running Man“ by dutch artist Parra. With such a good taste in sneakers we feel pretty confident for Goudron’s future. Perhaps in one or two years the store will be a well known spot for good streetwear and street fashion in southern France.

Goudron-12When it comes to shoes and sneakers Goudron’s take is one of premium and quality. Besides Y-3 releases like the Pure Boost ZG Knit or Qasa High, we also spotted some Rick Owens releases and Grenson models on Goudron’s shoe wall. Alex’s background in the skate culture shows with brands like Vans and Converse. It’s an interesting selection altogether, mixing different styles for different types of customers. But of course Alex has the ambition to broaden the product range also in this category.

For fall/winter 2016/17 he gave us a glimpse of what will be coming to Goudron. Aimé Leon Doré, The North Face Red Line and Italian’s Stone Island Shadow Project are only some of the new labels. The classic Goudron logo tees in different colorways – we picked up the pink and white one – are stylish and timeless.

Goudron-13Beyond fashion and shoes you can also find some nice artwork and prints at the store, reflecting Goudron’s broader approach to street culture and fashion. Unfortunately the highly limited Bape and Mastermind chairs that Alex imported himself from Japan were not for sale. But with an eye for such detail the store’s interior sets itself apart from other shops with similar offerings. It’s obvious that the people at Goudron are not salesmen but an already established part of Marseille’s vibrant streetwear scene.

You can contact Goudron easily over their Facebook-Page.

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