NB577 Tag

After nearly three years of preparation and work on their first New Balance collabo Oli and Alex from Cologne’s sneaker store „The Good Will Out“ today celebrated the release of their „Autobahn“-pack consisting of two great NB577. A mainly grey and blue „Day“-model and a darkgrey/black „Night“-shoe with reflecting 3M elements. The inspiration for the pack came – no surprise – from the famous german Autobahn and especially from the oldest Autobahn A555 between Cologne and Bonn. So it’s also a bit of a regional thing.

Yesterday already many sneaker fans put their names on the list mostly for both shoes. This morning the crowd got even bigger and bigger and when the release started over 60 people waited outside the store. It’s great to see that this project had such a big response in the sneaker community. Next saturday the pack will hit international retailers in very limited numbers (we will post the full store list soon on our site). At this time we can’t pick a favourite – both shoes look awesome as you can see from our on-feet-pics.

We really like the story and whole concept. From the special paper imitating a street map, the litlle air freshener and the details of the shoes, this is for sure one of the best, elaborate collabos of 2013. Stay tuned for our full recap on both shoes that we’ll post during the next days. One highlight of the release was no doubt the raffle of five massive special conceret (!) boxes. So five lucky guys can put their shoes now at home in a grey altar.

Finally let’s say this: We’re really proud of the guys. „The Good Will Out“ has established itself as one of Germany’s finest adresses for sneaker connoisseurs. Their contribution to german sneaker culture is substantial and shouldn’t  be recognized only in and around Cologne.

E. & M.